Matthew 15:32-38 NLT

32 Then Jesus called his disciples and told them, “I feel sorry for these people. They have been here with me for three days, and they have nothing left to eat. I don’t want to send them away hungry, or they will faint along the way.”

33 The disciples replied, “Where would we get enough food here in the wilderness for such a huge crowd?”

 34 Jesus asked, “How much bread do you have?”

They replied, “Seven loaves, and a few small fish.”

35 So Jesus told all the people to sit down on the ground. 36 Then he took the seven loaves and the fish, thanked God for them, and broke them into pieces. He gave them to the disciples, who distributed the food to the crowd.

37 They all ate as much as they wanted. Afterward, the disciples picked up seven large baskets of leftover food. 38 There were 4,000 men who were fed that day, in addition to all the women and children.

In a situation where the resource is much smaller than the need, we would normally curse the resource, or curse the situation, or curse ourselves. We would say, “This is not enough. How can we ever get out of this poverty. We will never get out of this poverty. We will never be able to pay the bills. You never get enough income to pay for our bills.”

Why not do as Jesus did. He already showed us the way. Let us do the same.  Let us thank God for the small amount of resource and let us believe He will make a miracle. Speak a blessing over the small resource, speak faith over the situation and the resource will multiply to become more than what you need!

Again God shows us here the power of our words. It has the ability to give life and death. Obviously God wants us to use our mouth such that it always blesses, it always gives life and not curses or death. God created our mouths to bless and not to curse. It is your choice. I pray you would choose your words to always bless your situation and also others’ situations, and give life! Amen.