Matthew 14:19 NLT

Jesus shows us here the power of spoken words. Through blessing the 5 loaves and 2 fish, the small amount of food was able to feed 5,000 men (plus around 5,000+ women and 5000+ children, conservative estimate since usually women and children are more than the count of men when crowding to big events).

Now think of your similar situation. Do you have a situation wherein the need is so big, but you only have so little resources? For example, God wants you to buy a $100,000 house but you only have $1,000 in the bank? Or God wants you to go on missions requiring $5,000 but you only have $200 to your name?

Then what do you speak with your mouth when you are in this situation? Do you say, “Oh God, what will I do? My money is not enough! I will never be able to go to missions. It is so hard to ask people for support. I am so ashamed to ask. I do not know anyone who will support me. I cannot go Lord.” Do you curse your resources in such a way?

Jesus showed us to bless our small resource, and let God multiply it to meet your need. God did not just meet the need, there were 12 basketful of leftovers! Speak a blessing towards your resources! If it is God’s will, He will multiply whatever meager resource you have! Just believe that God wants you to do it, and continue to speak God’s blessing over your resources!

Say, “Oh Lord, I thank you that you have provided this amount of money for me to pay off my way to missions. I bless it now with your Words. I command it to multiply to overflowing. I have given my tithe and offering and thus my pockets will be filled to overflowing. Your floodgates of provision will multiply the money in my pockets, in my bank accounts, and make it overflow to bless others also, in Jesus’ name, amen!”

Do not curse with your mouth. Let us always be very very careful with what words we say, whether in normal conversation, or in making a promise, or in speaking about your dire situation.  Your words have the power to give life or death!  Always speak a blessing into any situation. That is what God created our mouths for. Let us use it the way He created it, and watch God work through the power of your words!