Today we are celebrating the greatest event in the history of mankind, Easter Sunday.  This is the day that the Lord has made, the day that Jesus was proven to be telling the truth.  Everything He said during his life on earth is proven to be the truth on this day!  The day He was resurrected.  The day that death was proven to not have a hold on Jesus.  Thus proving Jesus’ claim that He is “I AM.”  He is God.

It also proves that we are supposed to believe everything else that He said and did during His short life on earth.  We are supposed to obey Him and worship Him.

A lot of people would like to prove otherwise, that Jesus did not resurrect.  It is mainly because of a moral issue.  People do not like to learn to obey or worship a new God.  People would just like to do whatever they think is right.  People naturally resist change.

But from my own experience, it was an unfair exchange when I did not resist change; when I sacrificed time, money, emotions, hobbies, dreams, social status to spend it on knowing how far, wide, deep, long, strong, unending, unchanging the love God has for me.  It was a humongously unfair exchange because I learned and experienced God giving me so much more than what I have sacrificed for.  Everything that I gave up was no match for what God has replaced it with.  I am having so much more fun, so much more joy, so much more excitement, so much more to expect in the life God is giving me.  And it all started when I finally tried to listen to someone who wants me to learn about God’s love, through studying the Bible with him.  Discipleship.

So in my experience, it was a lot better decision to NOT resist change, to change my ways and to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, than to not change and try to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And I also know a lot of people who had and has the same experience as me.  Young and old, rich or poor, famous or not, hard criminals or model citizens.  The power of a resurrected life is for anyone.  And for everyone.

I pray we would all celebrate this day knowing how much God had to love us to just scheme and plan and execute this historic resurrection day that happened more than 2000 years ago, just so He could make sure that we would be part of His beautiful and grand plan to recreate Heaven on earth.  We are all blessed to have such a loving God!

Again remember, you are blessed, you are deeply loved, and that is the truth!  Now, it is OK to sing, or shout, or dance, or tell, or give, or help, or cry knowing God loves you that much.  That is worship, . . . in spirit and in truth.  Have a great day!  🙂