Reason #1: Sowing and Reaping

When I give, I am sowing a seed, so the harvest I get in return will be a multiplication of the amount I gave.  Also, I will reap what I sow.  This also applies when sowing to the promises of God.  You will reap the promise, the vision, the prophetic teaching, or the blessing that you heard from the teacher, when you sow into his ministry.  For example, while listening to the pastor who is encouraging you to sow in Victory LB’s EXPAND project, you learned that God has created you to be a mighty conqueror and He has given you His Spirit to have the power to choose to be free forever from some sin that is a bondage to you.  To start living out this new faith you acquired from God and finally be free from that bondage, just give into the EXPAND project.  It is a seed that you sow into that promise of God that you have learned through the EXPAND project.  It will grow through time to give you a multiplied harvest of being free and victorious over any other bondage in your life!

These are biblical truths about giving.  But if sowing (or giving) is the only prerequisite to having a multiplied harvest, then all of us who has been sowing for a long time should be millionaires by now.   Also all of God’s promises we have heard should have come to pass in our lives already.  So there is still something missing here.

One is: we have to give where we are being fed.  Do not give to a ministry just because they have needs.  They should be feeding you also.  If you give to a ministry that is not feeding you, it is like paying KFC for the food you ate at McDonald’s.  God says to bring the tithes and offerings into the storehouse, the place that feeds you.  If Victory LB is feeding you, then it is there that you should give.

Also just like in farming, sowing needs to be done in the right season, and in the right soil.  It is obvious that the timing is right RIGHT NOW for giving in EXPAND.  It is also obvious that Victory LB is fertile soil.  I have been with Victory LB since 1990 and I saw that God is truly the one who is building this church.  God has always multiplied every seed that I have sown into Victory LB from the start, and even until now.  I saw God multiply every seed that all my friends in the church has sown too.  Victory LB started with just 4 high school graduates.  Look at the church now.  It is so obvious that God made Victory LB a fertile soil.  The heart of Victory is always to seek God’s heart and God’s plans to set the captives free.

So now that you have learned about the power of sowing and reaping through this email or posting, and you want it also to happen in your life and not just read about it, or not just hear about other people getting their own multiple harvest and breakthroughs, why not act on it now?  Sow into the EXPAND project of Victory LB.  If you do not act and sow, then nothing will change in your life.

One more thing.  For those of you who know what tithing is, tithing is now sowing.  Sowing is beyond tithing.  Tithing is just returning what belongs to God.  So tithe first, then add to it by sowing.

Now, getting a multiplied harvest (in any area of my life where I sow) is quite a good motivating factor on why I should give.  Plus it is biblical truth.  Also the more seed sown, the more the harvest.  And yet this is not the main factor for my motivation to give.  To know what that is, please stay tuned for my next post to find out my next reason for “Why do I Give?”