Reason #2: Investing in Eternity

There are several wise people who are getting ready for retirement early by saving up, or giving into good retirement plans, or investing in good businesses.  But most people are not getting ready for their eternity.  And eternity is infinitely longer than our retirement years on earth.  Anything divided by infinity is zero.  Thus our life on earth is zero in length compared to eternity.  Thus it would be wiser if we also get ready for our eternity.  The question is, how can we save up for our life in eternity?

When we give into ministries that saves souls, that is how we put savings and invest into our eternity in Heaven.  If you do not give your money to ministries like EXPAND, you will just spend it in something else, which is most likely a temporary thing that you cannot bring to Heaven.  Usually when God doubles our salary, we also double our buying.  We buy double the food, double the cellphone load, double the cellphone or we buy a new one that is double the cost of our old phone just because we can afford it now.  Some even buy an extra iPad, or an extra cellphone, or an extra dress, or an extra set of make-up, another pair of shoes, or another car, or another house.  These are all temporary things that cannot be brought to your eternal life.  Everything of this earth is temporary.  But giving your money into ministries that save souls is like placing your money in a bank in Heaven.  You are putting your money in heavenly dwellings where moth and rust do not destroy.  You are actually investing in people’s lives and people are eternal.  People can be brought into Heaven, if you invest into their lives!

So this is another big motivating factor on why I should give.  But it is not such a big factor compared to the third reason on “Why Do I Give?”  Again to find out, please stay tuned for my next posting.  🙂