Reason #3.  True Worship

In the past 2 years, God had to corner me to learn and study more and more about His great love for me, and also eventually His great love for every person on earth.  Of all the places God could do that, He did it here in Turkmenistan, while I was alone on a mission.  God showed me His bigger and greater plans for me, which is more than what I asked or imagined!  As my eyes were opened to the great things God has done for me, I found out that God has loved me in a way that I have never known before.  So it is but natural for me, and even a joy for me, to give back to the one who greatly loves me.

You see, I was imprisoned, sentenced for life (even to eternity) to suffer without hope of getting free because I could not pay the huge amount of debts I accumulated.  Whatever I tried to do, or will try to do, can never repay all my debts.  I have to pay it with eternal suffering.

Then suddenly God came into my life.  Instead of me having to suffer eternally, He took it upon Himself to suffer and then die on the cross to pay off all of my debts.  He exchanged His life for my life.  Since He already paid for all my debts, I was set free!  Thank You Jesus!  I am now out of the prison because of what Jesus has done on the cross!  I owe my life to Him.  I now have a life just because of Him.  This act alone touched my innermost being and proves that God loves me so much.  And He did the same thing for you too!

But Jesus did not stop there.  He rose from death, proving that He lived without sin, proving that everything He said is truth, and thus He is God.  Because of that, He blessed me with so much more blessings.  Even this money that I am sowing into EXPAND, I would not have if Jesus did not free me and bless me with opportunities and with the promise of sowing and reaping.  What is a few hundred pesos, or a few thousand pesos, or even a few million pesos a month compared to what He has done for me?  Aside from getting me out of jail and giving me a new life, He also freed me from my bad addictions.  He fixed all my bad relationships.  He fixed my career.  He let Himself be lashed 39 times so that I would be healed from all sicknesses and diseases.  He gave me a beautiful and Godly wife (the best gift He gave after freedom, he he).  He gave me two Godly kids.  He gave me a great life.  Loving parents.  Good siblings.  Excellent things in this world that I enjoy and use for His glory like my laptop, our house, our CRV, our farm.  He put joy back into my life.  He gave me hope again, and a bright future.  This is so obvious that He got an unfair exchange.

Thus for me, it is easy and even a joy to give into God’s kingdom because of what He has done for me.  And it is more joyful to give because of His obvious great love for me that never ends.  He continues to love me and accept me even when He knows that I hurt Him and rejected Him.  Even when He knows I will continue to hurt Him.  Even with all my faulty attitude God has decided to love me for eternity!  This makes it easy for me to give back anything in any amount to my loving and gracious God.  And I believe this is true worship.  When you are excited to give (or even to sing or to shout or to raise your hands, or to dance), not because it will help you, or make people happy, or because it is required, or because everybody is doing it, or because it will help the person or ministry you are giving to, but because you are so happy that God loves you so much, and His love for you never wanes or stops for all eternity!

What’s more is that the blessings mentioned in the first 2 reasons I posted before are also coming to me because that is God’s Word, that is God’s promise, and because He loves me it will surely come!  But they may just seem to be added bonus compared to receiving the immeasurable and lavish love that God has for me.  God’s love is super duper enough to motivate me to give.

So that is the ultimate reason “Why Do I Give.”  My first 2 reasons does not even come close to the joy and motivation I get compared to knowing how high and how wide, how deep and how long, how sweet and how strong God’s love for me is.  I hope and pray that somehow God will make this your revelation too!

I learned one more life-changing and faith-building truth from God that made it very joyful and easy for me to obey Him not just in giving, but also in every command that I receive from Him.  It is coming on my next post!  Please do expect it soon!