In my previous three posts about “Why Do I Give?” there were three main Biblical reasons that God taught me. Then God told me, “Do you know that all those three reasons could also apply to anything you do?” It is like asking “Why do I Do What I Do?” For example: Why do I make disciples? Why do I do my best in my work or in my studies? Why do I help people? Why do I love my enemy? Why do I love my wife? Why do I disciple my kids? It is just the same as: Why do I give?

Do you do it for yourself? What if you do it for yourself and sooner or later you are unsatisfied again? You might just quit after trying and trying and still come out not satisfied with yourself. Do you do it for people? If the people you are helping do not show change the way you expect them to, you will be disappointed again, and might even get angry at them. Trying to satisfy yourself and other people is a never-ending process without the love of God. You will just become frustrated and give up on life.

Same as reason #3, do what you do because of God’s great love for you, and God’s great love for every person around you! Learn to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. And to do that, we just need to study how God loved us, loves us, and will continue to love us so much. Study the Bible, believe it, and act on it to experience God’s love for you.

And this is love, not that we love Him, but that God loved us first, by giving His one and only Son, to be tortured and killed, instead of us living a life of eternal suffering. God does not want us to suffer eternally. Isn’t it obvious that God loves you with what He did on the cross? He cares for you. He made plans for you to have a wonderful life. Keep studying the Bible. Stop filling your mind with the things of this world: doubt, fear, lack, jealousy, anger, hatred, loneliness, lust, selfishness, etc. Reject the evil thoughts and accept God’s Word. You have to make an effort to keep filling your mind with His loving Words. Keep learning about all the loving things that God has done for you. He has set you free from sin and bondage. He has given you His Holy Spirit, which is God Himself, so you now have the power to be the man or woman He said in the Bible that you would be. He planned out a great and glorious adventure for you. All you have to do is walk in it. His love is constant. It is always burning for you, whether you please Him or not. I would gladly do ANYTHING for such a loving God. It would be my joy! It would be my true act of worship to Him. 🙂