I am so sorry that only now did I send an email on how to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior.  There might be some of you already wondering how to do this for quite some time now so I will post it now.  Or maybe in the future you would realize that you now want to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, so you can just go to the internet and find this post.  Or you can print it now and put it in your wallet for future use, just in case.

In case you now want Jesus to be your personal Lord and Savior, to save you from all your troubles or addictions, to give you hope and healing , to free you from all your sins, to give you a life to the MAX, to assure you of Heaven when you die, begin by honestly talking to Him, and HONESTLY tell Him FROM YOUR HEART the following main points (speak aloud, do not just whisper or think it):

  • You are sorry for doing all of the sins that you can remember you did, that you know you hurt Him so much, that He had to go through the cross for all of them;
  • You decide starting now, that you do not want to do all these sins anymore, that you want to obey Jesus starting today;
  • Receive His forgiveness; receive His healing; receive His love; receive His salvation as a free gift!
  • Thank Jesus that because of what He did on the cross, you are now free from all sins, from all sicknesses or diseases, from oppression, from depression, from any kind of trouble or problem you were facing;
  • Ask Jesus to give you His Holy Spirit.  He (Holy Spirit) is the power you need to be able to say no to sin, and to obey Jesus. He is God who will be always in you;
  • Receive His Holy Spirit as a free gift;
  • Thank Jesus for giving you His Holy Spirit;
  • Declare that all these things you said has truly happened because God loves you so much, He is overjoyed to do all of these for you!

Now God has heard you and God has set you FREE! You are now FREE from all those heavy burdens and now FREE and have power to live a brand new life!  You now have Holy Spirit in you, whose only desire is to obey God, and help your body and soul to also desire to obey God.

The first practical step to start your new life is to put in your mind to depend only on Jesus for anything you need, NEVER depend on your own abilities alone.  Enjoy your life by walking dependent on Him.  If you need to say no to sin, depend on what Jesus did for you on the cross.  If you need healing, ask Jesus.  If you need forgiveness of sin, ask Jesus and believe the cross has freed you.  In all things, depend on Jesus first, then go and do whatever you can with the power He has given you.

Second, make sure to purchase a Bible and start reading it everyday to find out what God wants you to do with the life He gave you.  You can start at the book of John.  Again, depend on Jesus to help you read the Bible.  Then go read away!

Also find a Bible-based church near you and tell them about what you just did.  They will help you burn more in your love for God.  Again, depend on Jesus for you to be able to find the right church for you.  Then go and search for it!

Also tell someone around you about what you just did.  And hopefully they would also want to join you in this new adventure of walking with God!  Again, depend on Jesus to convince the persons around you to join you.  Do not just depend on your own convincing power.

Send me a reply below also.  Maybe I can help you find a true Bible-based church near your area.  I would also be very happy to help you start your new journey with God.  Or answer any questions you may have about the Bible or about Jesus.  This time, it is my turn to depend on Jesus to help you with a Godly answer. 🙂