Our church is in its 30th year anniversary and the theme of our celebration is “Radical since 1984.”  The church Jesus built through the leaders in our movement has radically grown, and has not stopped growing since 1984.  One of the reason for this is its core value of leadership development based on 2 Timothy 2:1-:2.

One aspect of leadership development ingrained in us is the joy of equipping and empowering upcoming leaders – that is, after a little basic equipping, we let them do actual leadership activities (preaching, evangelizing, worship leading, lead a small group, etc.) even if they are still new in the Lord. Mistakes will surely happen but it is ensured to happen in a safe environment.  This is the only way for them to mature as future leaders.

With that said, I would like to thank the person who has first identified me as a leader in the church, placed me in a leadership position, and let me do mistakes and mature from it along the way.  Thank you JB Serrano!  On that fateful day when you identified me as a leader, you made time to meet with me personally, and literally told me that I have these list of qualities of a leader and that you want me to be part of your leadership team in the church.  It was really a very big encouragement and confidence booster to me.  It was the first time (in a very very long time) that I have heard those words spoken to me.  It is much like in the “Lego Movie.”  Most people just need to hear that they are “The Special” and suddenly something clicks inside of them and changes their whole life for the better.  Thank you Abba Father for giving me people that tells me that I am “The Special!”  Thank you for loving me so much.

And you know what, God loves you so much also.  God has placed people in your life to make you know that you are “The Special!”  Actually, God demonstrated that by choosing to give up His most valuable Son, Jesus Christ, to die and be sacrificed, just to make sure you become part of God’s family and become His child again.  That is how “special” you really are.  God exchanged His one and only beloved Son Jesus Christ, just to be with you.  You are as valuable as Jesus Christ!  You are sooo “The Special!”  I pray this revelation makes you into the person who you really are, that you truly become “The Special!” in Jesus’ name, amen.