Yahoo!  Finally we were able to start our journey towards God’s mission for us this May 2016 in Thailand.

Last Saturday, February 13 2016, we finally finished our TDMS training with Every Nation in The Fort, and we are now official missioners to Thailand.  It is also a blessing to all of us that our 12 year old daughter is interested to do missions with us.

Here is a group picture of all the students during that training class:


Here is a picture with one of the walls of our church building in EN Fort, with one of the church’s oldest mottos.  This was our motto (i.e. “To pay any price. To go anywhere. To do anything. To take the whole Truth to the whole world.”) during the time I got saved in 1990:


We are excited to be part of God’s miraculous work in Thailand during this mission on May 2016.  Thank you also for deciding to be a partner in this mission to help change Thailand!