…The Lord reigns as king forever. The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.Psalms 29:10b‭-‬11 NLT

Who reigns in your world? Does evil reign? Do the corrupt reign? Do the billionaires reign? Does poverty, or lack, or hopelessness reign?

Buzzzzzzzz…wrong! 100% false man!

It may seem they are reigning. But that is only because you allow it.  You actually have a choice to either follow them, or follow God.  Our loving Father is a gentleman and He would never force you to follow Him or like His ways.  He would always gently teach you, give you wise ideas. But if you do not follow them, He will never force you.

So you have a choice. Will you follow God’s caring words (which leads to you reigning your life), or just do your own thing (which leads to death)?  I pray fervently that you would choose to follow our loving Dad.

I made this choice a long time ago, and I can say this word is really true in my life.  What’s more, I saw it is also true in so many other people I met while on the journey of following God.

It is all about the choices you make each day.  So I hope now in this moment, you make that same choice as I did, and start the great and wonderful adventure of reigning in your life with Jesus! He loves you so much that He sacrificed himself just for you to have this kind of life with God.

Choose to start reading about Him in the Bible, NOW. Find a bible-based church to help you, NOW. You can ask me for help if you want, NOW. With God, it is never too late to start. Enjoy the start of you reigning in your life!