I was asked about what would be my greatest fear.

Well, unlike others
my biggest fear isn’t an Earthly matter,
it’s not falling off a 200 feet cliff,
it’s not disappointing a dearly person,
it’s not anything spooky or from a horror movie,
and it isn’t anything related to dying or suffering on Earth.
Actually it doesn’t matter to me what things on Earth I lose because I know that one way or another…
God will provide.

So, what IS my biggest fear?
Actually I think it will be everyone’s biggest fear if they get reminded of it daily.

“Going To HELL.”

That’s my greatest fear.

The Bible says that those who reside in sin will be thrown into eternal suffering,
hell in other words.
Hell is not a place to like, it’s not even a place to go to to begin with.

Who wants eternal death?!

Some people even bend sayings,
Bible says eternal suffering but others think that after some time your body and soul will dissolve into nothing
and it will be like you never existed.

Either way,
I don’t like it,
the sound of lasting pain and agony,
and worse…
Eternal Separation From God.

What’s a man without his father?

Which brings me back to the real world.
I thank God I’m still alive,
and I thank my parents that I was raised a Christian.

I thank Jesus for vouching for me on the cross so that I could live with him in eternity.

I’m not writing this to scare readers.
But I’m writing this out of concern for those who don’t know.